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Metal Hammer

"Valpurgis Night ... sound more mature and stylish than perhaps would be expected by a band just two years old."

"...this debut which practically comes out of left field manages to score highly and should at least be tried out by every fan of NWOBHM."

Powerplay - Rock and Metal Magazine

"By delving into the often-overlooked parts of metal history, London-based trio Valpurgis Night have somehow crafted an album which is an absolute breath of fresh air ... Real metal for real metalheads."

"When on a band's début you can sound out the influence of bands as varied as Black Sabbath, Nevermore, Iron Maiden and Candlemass, it's definitely worth a closer look."

"This interesting mixture of Doom and Heavy Metal in combination with NWOBHM and Thrash Metal is quite daring. But it's well done."

" a listener you are positively drawn in and you're essentially damned to participate in this heavymetally Valpurgis Night."

"It's impressive how Valpurgis Night confidently and without a care for any underground trends do their thing and simply write songs that seem to come naturally to them."

"...'Psalms of Solemn Virtue' on Rising Records with a remarkable album that has a noticeably strong NWOBHM influence, but at the same time often reminds of the 'old' ICED EARTH..."

"In summary it needs to be said that Valpurgis Night will mostly be enjoyed by fans of rougher metal beyond the mainstream. The band has done a lot of things right with their debut and the music in my view radiates charm and authenticity. I am positively surprised and would like to encourage you to listen to the band's audio samples."

"...should delight followers of CANDLEMASS or SOLITUDE AETURNUS...very crisply performed tracks add up to a good hour's playtime which seems to pass faster..."

Album has been well received in Germany having been given an overall score of 7.14 out of 10 by in their regular new releases feature Soundcheck - 11/2010