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Written by Dirk Konz, 28th November 2010 - Read Review at

Score: 5.5/7

VALPURGIS NIGHT hail from London and have since 2008 been acting as a band which feels committed to in particular New Wave of British Heavy Metal and [British] Thrash Metal. Nonetheless they mention Judas Priest and Amon Amarth as influences as well.

The trio debuts with 'Psalms of Solemn Virtue' on Rising Records with a remarkable album that has a noticeably strong NWOBHM influence, but at the same time often reminds of the "old" ICED EARTH [just listen to the riffing of the title track] or Lee Dorrian's CATHEDRAL.

'Sword of Damocles' definitely shows off a lot of drama and phat epic doom guitars but isn't afraid to incorporate moments of classic Heavy Metal.

'Wraith' kicks off with an ominous tritone but then quickly turns into an energetically stamping Power or Heavy Metal, including a cultish-classic solo, similar to the vehemently old school 'Council of Dark Shadows'.

'I Monster', 'Jacob's Ford' [with battle noise and a note of FORBIDDEN] as well as the half-balladesque 'Broken Spectre' breathe obscure NWOBHM atmospheres, into which ICED EARTH - during their 'Night Of The Stormrider' times - appear to be interlaced, combined with a galloping 80ies hardrock guitar and a few perhaps most likely IRON MAIDEN-inspired part over which Preacher's expressive voice conveys its pain.

The title track, as well as the trash doom mixture 'Death Collector', has one or two forceful riffs to offer, before the beautiful acoustic guitars of 'Woken by the Silence' allow time for melancholy or to take a breath.

With 'Row to the Rhythm' they are striking out once more: Epic Doom meets heavy, thrashy - not entirely dissimilar to the old METALLICA - riffs which really allow the listener to row or headbang along.

With 'Psalms of Solemn Virtue' VALPURGIS NIGHT present a debut that perhaps needs a bit of getting used to at first but then very quickly develops its very own charm.

Aficionados and Psalters of the old metal school who like picking their acoustic raisins out of the retro-, NWOBHM- or doom-drawer should not be put off by the strange cover artwork of this album, they can confidently pick one up.

Score: 5.5/7